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GAMMA history

What does it means to be a beautiful human being?

This project Stand-Up Psychology showed me what it really means to be a beautiful human being. In this journey I discovered something that we all have in common and that is what it means to be a beautiful human being.

I had the chance to know people who had difficulties, sufferings, losses and they passed through those moments with tears in their eyes, strained soul,but found deep inside their heart the courage and power to move forward.

In all the moments when they felt discouraged, sad, missuderstood or abandoned help them to bring to light the most beautiful human atributes. I had the chance to discover in every person sensibility, kindnnes, finesse, and I was surprised to see their beautiful evolution,and how they did not let the hardships of life to change their mind and soul. From that moment I told to myself to start a new life. I can not change the past, but I can learn something from it.

Stand-Up Psychology,showed me a new perspective on myself ,and whenever fear will make me to step back or to give up on what I truly want, I should make only one step forward and all my existence will follow me. I was yearning for other people happiness and I was always asking myself: ,,What people do to be so happy?” , ,,What do they have and I don’t?” and slowly, with li