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The student with a thousand dreams - after Stand-Up Psychology mobility

8 planets. 7 billions of people on Earth. Every second, new souls are born, and others die. I am also a parte from this sea of souls. But who am I?

I am a girl full of defects and qualities, without which I would not be myself. Things that make me different from the others. I am full of dreams, hopes, mistakes, and good things. When I am happy, I'm a rainbow on the blue sky. And when I cry, I am a drop of rain that flows into the wild sea.

Metaphorically, I could say I am a grain of sand in the desert of the world, a little star in the whole universe, a feather in the wind’s breeze, a thought lost in the mind of eternal time, a smile on someone's lips.

It is said that we are what we think. But in my mind there are millions of thoughts that I do not even know on which one to stop.

I am a simple girl with millions of dreams and desires, some achievable, others less. I wish to be happy all the time. Just as happy as a mother who keeps her baby in her arms for the first time or the man who meets again with his girlfriend after a long time. I wish that someone will want me with the same desire that a child wants the chocolate from the table that he can not reach. I want to be as free as birds flying in the sky.

Most of the time, I'm an indecisive person, but I like to put this on the edge of my youth. I still want to be a child as long as the time allows me, until the worries and responsibilities tell me, "It's time to become an adult now."

All this can sound good in theory. But theory does not always fit with reality. When we realize it's time to give up childhood and that we have to step into adulthood, how do we make things simpler? What do we do when we have to quit the parent nest and fly to new horizons? How do we make the separation from the family easier? What do we do when we miss everything from our past? What do we do when memories leave us scars in our hearts because we hang too much on them and can not enjoy the present? What do we do when we have to make our own decisions? What if we're wrong? Whatf we do not succeed in what we propose? What if it's too hard? What if we get disappointed or injured?

A lot of questions, aren’t they? Questions that everybody has. Nobody escapes from them. But, after all, that means launching in life. To learn that when you get ready to leave home, you can only take some things with you, while you have leave behind the others. Look at this stage as the creation of a new kingdom, a kingdom you build and where you are the king / queen. And in building this kingdom, you must learn to value your strengths, but also to accept your faults.

Building a kingdom is a long process, with prosperity, but also with periods when you have to face dragons and to defend them. But what's more important is to remember always that after a battle with the dragons, the sun will still be up in the sky, even if the fight ends with our victory or defeat. We just must not forget to look at the sky.

That's what I learned in this youth exchange. To have trust in my dreams and fight for them because, even if it seems impossible now, I can beat even the fiercest dragons if I trust in myself.

Earlier, I said that I want to be free as birds flying in the sky. Flying is an act of courage. And even if the family separation is tough and it's like pulling a root plant off, the feeling that you can do something on your own has no precedent.

It's hard to be an adult and to make your own decisions. But I hope that despite the battles with the dragons that I will have as an adult, I will always keep my soul young and that I will be able to give myself a few moments when I will be able to dream.

I'm glad that I could learn all these things and that I could meet so many wonderful people. It was amazing how we were able to create such strong connections in such short time. This youth exchange gave me more confidence in myself and for following my dreams. It's an experience that I will certainly not forget and I'm glad I could be a part in this project.

Happy to fight with my dragons,

Claudia Dima

Gamma Institute volunteer


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