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My new diary

My dear friends, hope you all arrive safe home and probably now you are back to your daily program. I looked back to our amasing week we had together and i feel to give you some resume about it:

First - this training had a dimension of training skills conected to empowerment of youngsters to take decision for theit future adult life. Our goal as trainers was to give you a set instruments for that- Creating a metaphor or stories.

Second - this training had a dimension of personal development conected to the identity of youthworker (and personal identity also). Out goal as trainers was to give you opportunities to understand and conect to your personal dimensions involved in your work with youngsters - attitude about change and process of transformation, decisions and asuming cosequences of decisions, working with your emotions-awareness and acceptance of them, how to "get out of the box" and stay there.

Now is time to reflect- another important skill to practice😉, about this two dimensions, and make a short review also in your diary. What did you gain after this training in this two dimensions? Maybe to to put one idea here on the group, as we all did face to face in our reflection grups? Ready?

What instrument for youth did you take with you? What are you going to practice for staying out of the box?

Diana Ciubotaru

Trainer Gamma Projects&Research


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