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The truth behind fairytales

From the down of civilization, humankind used tales and music in order to pass through ages and the deepest truths about themselves. Ancient stories talk about a deeper connection to the most profound level of our mind, where the truth of who we really is has always been there. Every character from the tales is a reflection of our own journey and, through this reflection, we bypass the shields of our protective mechanisms. In fact, our life is a tale and only one metaphore could change the whole scenario.

It is a great opportunity and a real joy to see that, despite the cultural differences or language barrieres, to see that all people share the same roots of the tales and the real message can be felt within few moments of a true connection. It is a magic feeling in which I can see you and I can see myself in the same time and I am grateful to live this experience here and now, with a wonderfull companion, during the International Seminar in Portugal - ”Train your Dragon”, organized by Gamma Institute and its partners in an Erasmus+ project.

With love and joy,

Family and couple psychotherapist Adrian Stogrea

Gamma Projects&Research by Gamma Institute


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