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Train your dragon, train yourself!

When in Beja, while you are on your way to train your dragon, you understand that all the challenges of the hero are made for learning. While being in the context of the problem, the hero has no chance of solving the problem – for he is just inside the box and doesn’t have the perspective. Maybe, by being outside the box, he could find new resources, new perspectives, new abilities, that put him in a different context, the context of the solution! You must remember that the context of the problem is always different from the context of the solutions!

Although sometimes (as in all good stories), you – a hero yourself – you cannot find the exit out of the box therefore the context of the problem becomes a labyrinth full of emotions, that all point out to the same perspective, the same feeling or need. This labyrinth might be created by society, or by your parents, or by the rules, but most of the time, it is created by a thought, a belief about yourself – that you cannot do it, or that you don’t know how, or maybe that you are too scared to try it, even if you know what to do.

So, what does the hero do, in all the best stories that you know? He starts a journey of self-discover, where maybe he will explore the world, maybe he will look inside, maybe he will find new friends to teach him something, or maybe he will simply accept the idea that there is an exit from the labyrinth and that will be enough!

Whichever the course of the story might be, remember that you are also the Creator and the Hero of your story. If you – as a Creator – don’t believe that there is an exit from the labyrinth, from inside that context, how could you as a Hero of the story believe it?

So give yourself the Superpower of believing that there is always a way and make one for yourself! And if you don’t think you have that power, ask somebody – a friend, a therapist, a youth worker, a storyteller or a hero – because resources are always within our reach, probably just one step away!

Be brave!

Gamma Psychotherapist and youth worker,

Madalina Belcescu

Gamma Projects&Research by Gamma Institute


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