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The courage to write your own story

Since 1950 world population experienced a growth from 2.5 bilions to almost 8 bilions. In the same time frame, travelling 1000 km became way faster (from 20 hours to 1 hour. Soon, Elon Musk will get it done in 15 min). Therefore, interacting with people outside our childhood society became more and more abundant. In order to resist in this lifestyle it`s not enough anymore only to know data, but to adapt as quick as possible to different ways of solving problems and also to adapt to different types of personality and culture, usually having a parallel background.

Stand-Up Psychology for Youth pressed exactly those buttons on me.

I believe that in the world we live in nowadays, adaptability is the most important skill in order to follow the fulfillment path. Adaptability as tolerance. I mean the ability to let me influenced by the people surrounding me and being able to choose the people I will be influenced by. When I have to choose from 8 billion people, it`s the simplest process. But Stand-Up Psychology gave me some hints regarding this. I learned how easily I can open myself with the others if I can feel that they are going in the same direction. Being open, we deleted some boundries that have been set by the society we lived in and now we were fully enjoying the taste of this huge palette of modelable clay until we finally sketched our art pieces. There were no Buonarrotis, but a lot of new artist have been awakened in each one of us.

When my parents were teens they quite knew their future road of their life because everything was coordinated by a system that seemed functional in those times. Nowadays it`s clear for everybody we cannot find a perfect system and that we have to write our own stories not knowing the full alphabet. We had only some experiences (more than our parents had at the same age, though) out of which we learned some things and now we have to launch ourselves in our future using these. How can we continue? Shall we wait until we will fully learn the alphabet? Shall we use only the characters we know in order to finish writing our book? This project clarified for me that we cannot wait until we will finish the learning nor can we use only what we already know for the rest of our life. The answer? We shall use what we know and keep learning new stuff. WE SHALL ADAPT.

This is how I felt those days I have spent with the incredible people from Stand-Up. I have enjoyed everything I knew and I have been tasting some parts from the things the others were enjoying. Like a bio cake that was baking itself as we were consuming it. And damn, it was so good!

With the wish of exploring future,

Stela Cotruta

Voluntar Gamma Institute


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