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Stand-up Psychology for Youth or how to be aware that it's time to fly out of the cage

For a couple of years I've been fighting with myself, asking questions to myself and looking for answers. Most of them have to do with my desire to find my identity, to reconnect to myself, and to know my purpose in life. Some of them have received an answer, others still have to wait.

I called this search for answers a journey... a journey that is part of a larger journey, named life. A trip alongside other trips: chronological, psychological, personal, professional, individual, family and so on and so on. A journey.

Somewhere along this journey, I wondered what I want to do with my life. And the self answered, "Take it easy, first you need to become independent. Independent? What does it mean? I stayed a little and I thought, and the first answer was that if I left home, I would surely be independent. And I did. I went home from college, I tasted the outlined freedom of not sharing the same physical space with my parents. But I felt like a bird in the cage. And I said, "It's not enough. I have to struggle to get out of here. But how? Ready, I know. I'll hire, get a job, work at night if I need to go to classes. I just want to get out of here! And so I did. Just the way I intended. And that's how I got a piece of freedom, I unlocked the lock of the cage with the money key. But I didn't get out of it. I was sitting in my cage waiting to be called out. Although I could hear my Self telling me: Let yourself go! , I was stubborn to stay there. Or maybe I was afraid ... or maybe I had not yet made the decision to do that. But to make my flight easier, the Self brought me Stand-Up Psychology, a project organized by those whom the Self has led me once, making me known ... the true journey, named Gamma Institute.

And so we started a new journey. Through the activities organized within the project, I have realized that it is not enough just to leave home or to take care for yourself financially ... but to want to get away from old habits, leave home and your beliefs and unhealthy beliefs, put in your baggage just what you need and what helps you, get the courage and fly into the world, overcoming your limits, the comfort zone and ... the self-esteem that sometimes stubbornly stays on the ground.

From another perspective, the participation in this Erasmus + project has brought me many other benefits, materialized in new accumulated knowledge, acquired skills, developed skills and competences, most of them being developed through co-creation. Another gain was represented by the multicultural aspects with which we empathized and the knowing young people from other countries.

Concluding, the Stand-Up Psychology for Youth project has made me realize that you need to want to fly out of the cage and, moreover, make a decision on this, following the Self-Guided Journey.

For a free flight,

Ancuta Dobreanu

Voluntar Gamma Institute


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