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GAMMA history

Once upon a time … I choose LOVE

Kids have unlimitted imagination. They believe they can fly, they believe they can move a spoon on the table with only the power of their mind, they believe that all the world is full of love and they always act like everyone and everything is connected. They cannot name that power but they feel it and they manifest it from all their big litlle hearts.

But than, the adults start educate them. „You cannot go there, be carefull, this is scarry, stay on your path, do not look around, run away from danger, that human looks weird so you should stay away from him/her, being different is bad, you will not be accepted by others, what a stupid thing to say that you can move a spoon with your mind, love is a construct of philosophy, it is not real, stop imagine things and come back to Earth, you cannot live by your imagination, you should learn some material skills so you can survive, you cannot make money from art, you have to always take care only of yourself first, every men for its self, etc”

And after a while, the kid, who became an educated youngster, becomes sad, confused, with almost no will to live anymore. He/she does not know what to do with his/hers life because nothing makes sense and everything seems without purpose. He/she forgot that once upon a time everything seemed possible and love and the power to create actually existed and they were not abstract concepts.

But, you know that saying „if you cannot touch it, it does not exist”. But you cannot touch light either, and the light exist anyway…so…how is it after all ?

And so, confused and alone, looking for something undefined, the youngster meets a person that is like anyone he/she ever seen.

And that person actually says t