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How to get from stability to change

It all started when I refused to participate in the project. I thought I did not have time, that I was leaving alone with the train at night and it was going to be something new, which scared me. It is usually said to do what you are most afraid of.

And it's good that I did it, that I changed my mind. I took my big backpack, my book and my curiosity. I walked alone by train, walked through the unknown city and savored every moment with me.

All the good decisions and the choices that proved to be the most fruitful I took them by the edge of the abyss, trying to fight with the thought of "Should I stay or should I go?". Well, this dilemma has been with me for a long time. What are the good choices for me? How do I know if I do the right things? But then who dictates these things? We. We, together. Everybody has an individual journey with himself, but it is important to know that in this expedition you are not alone. Maybe that's why people have evolved so much because they have been together. Ever since ancient times, people have been together, organized in groups, tribes, cities. One thing remained the same, the warmth of a conversation, the delight that arose from co-creation and the connection that is formed between two people, regardless of the language they speak and the environment in which they grew up.

The Stand-Up Psychology project has formed a connection between us all. The whole project was a process of imagination, where we created a new society with other rules and other values. But if I stay to reconsider everything that we created there, I realize it already exists. Everything we created came from us. This experience has helped me to feel free, to face the various fears I have, especially with regard to change. For me stability means equilibrium, but I noticed that in stability you are not experiencing new things, so now I benefit from any moment of change and evolution, seeing it as an opportunity to learn, and not something that destabilizes my balance.

I am very excited about all the people I met and the little things I learned about them. Seeing someone's dream sparkling in their eyes, understand what it's like to look for an identity, listen to the story of each person and find similarities. These are the things that will stay with me.

With love for change,

Denise Pop

Voluntar Gamma Institute


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