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How do you create your story?

Stories are like universal keys, that can open every door and can bring to life resources you never thought you have. It is like a painter’s brush, once he puts it on the canvas, magic spreads instantaneously. This magic moment, when a story embraces your way of thinking, acting and feeling is different than any other you ever had, because it has the touch of infinite potential. Between the lines of a story stand well hidden sparks of ideas, new visions and new creations.

Creating your own story can be, sometimes, overwhelming or maybe you didn’t even know you have this power. In discovering ourselves, we become painters, musicians, artists or writers, in a methaphorical approach. The way you create the story of your life is the way you see the magic on the canvas. You are the author of your story, you decide what journeys your character will go on, what lessons he will learn or what exciting, new experiences he will have.

Here, at the ”Train your Dragon” course, the feeling of empowerment was the magic touch of creation. It opened a new box of creativity, opportunities and shaped a new line of the future, brighter, stronger and more fulfilling.

From a future of love, Lavinia Gîtlan – youth worker

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